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Our Creative Process

For most people, connecting with someone face-to-face through conversations is easy. Your story comes out in your voice, your eyes, and your gestures.

But you may have noticed that it is not as easy to communicate your story when you have to write it all in just a few hundred  words!

How do you capture the intensity, the depth, and the sheer awesomeness of your story on paper?


This is where we come in! 🙂

At CrackVerbal, your essays will be edited and polished by writing coaches who know the tools and tricks of the writing trade and understand the elements of a great  narrative.

Our coaches will –

  • Help you choose the most interesting and relevant stories from your profile.
  • Ask you questions (often uncomfortable ones) and give you feedback ( always honest) about your goals and your experiences.
  • Help you use Impact Writing techniques to narrate your stories in the best possible way.

We have no magic wand—but our wordsmiths will weave  magic!

Don’t take our word for it! See the difference between an essay written by a novice and the same essay edited by CrackVerbal experts!


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