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Sreejith Ramachandran

Sreejith Ramachandran | Indian School of Business

The quality that CrackVerbal Mentors added to my MBA essays was just amazing!  They helped me showcase the strengths in my profile in a nice way! Follow Sreejith on LinkedIn.


Shripad Sonavay | Schulich School of Business

CrackVerbal helped me structure my essays along the right line of thought and ensured that I don’t make common mistakes.  The mentors at CrackVerbal were very easy to talk to, and they knew what you needed to have. They ensured a one-on-one personal approach when it came to applications. Read about Shripad's MBA journey here.

deepanshu Saini - ISB

Deepanshu Saini | Indian School of Business

My CrackVerbal experience has been remarkable! I knew a lot of things before but I wasn’t able to articulate them well and convert them to essays. CrackVerbal literally gave ‘words’ to my ‘thoughts’. The way he interacted the first time, it was incredible! Just after listening to my story, he was able to chalk out my strengths and my weaknesses and he precisely pin pointed what to write in my essays and what not to. I was very comfortable working with CrackVerbal. We had no hassles and we were able to understand each other immediately. Read about Deepanshu's MBA journey. Follow Deepanshu on LinkedIn.

Dhruv Mehta - Darden School of Business

Dhruv Mehta | Darden School of Business

I had two interview mocks with CrackVerbal. Those were good experiences! Everyone should do a few practice interviews. I got two different perspectives from CrackVerbal based on my answers that were handy during my actual interview process. Everyone has their stories, but what is important is to articulate them skillfully during the interview in different situations in front of different people. Read about Dhruv's MBA journey. Follow Dhruv on LinkedIn.

Yachna Khare - Darden School of Business

Yachna Khare | Darden School of Business

CrackVerbal helped me a lot during my mock interviews. I was given a list of questions from which I would prepare for my interview. It laid the foundation of my preparation. It helped me to sort out the stuff I am good at and also highlighted key factors in my profile. As my actual interviews lasted for hardly 20-25 minutes, I had very limited time to talk about my entire life. CrackVerbal helped me to zero in on what exactly I should share with my interviewer. Read about Yachna's MBA journey. Follow Yachna on LinkedIn.

Dr. Bhargava Anantha Swamy - ISB

Bhargava Anantha Swamy | Indian School of Business

It was only after I worked with CrackVerbal that I got a good understanding of what is expected in terms of an application essay and what AdComms look for in them. I was told to read a few books available at CrackVerbal which helped me a great deal in writing my essays as well. I availed CrackVerbal’s course for both Verbal and Quant. It was extremely helpful, especially since I was from a non-engineering background. I then worked with CrackVerbal for the essay package too, and thanks to them, I received an interview call from ISB. Read about Bhargava's MBA journey. Follow Bhargava on LinkedIn.

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