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Multiple admits with a 80% scholarship – Mansha Sharma

Posted on July 31, 2017
Multiple admits

This is the story of Mansha, who got multiple admits to the top MBA programs in the US, along with an 80% scholarship on tuition fees. She is an inspiration to anyone seeking an admit for an MBA in the US.


Mansha Sharma was born in Rajasthan. She did her graduation in Architecture from IIT Roorkee, and worked for a year. However, she did not have clarity on where her career was headed. She had a strong love for numbers and data, and that helped her decide to get an MBA.


In 2014, Mansha Sharma appeared for the GMAT exam for the first time, and got a score of 720. She still wasn’t sure if she should start applying for an MBA as she had only one year of work experience. That’s when she reached out to Arun Jagannathan, Founder of CrackVerbal“.

Mansha decided to retake the GMAT under the guidance of CrackVerbal. During her preparations, she realized that there was still a lot that she could improve, and the coaching she had at CrackVerbal helped her with it. She realised that GMAT scores are going up every day. In the year 2015, Mansa appeared for the second time, and scored 740 on the GMAT.


The next step for Mansa was the application process. She had to write essays for the colleges she applied to, which would play a vital role in her admission process. The essays not only focussed on her long term and short term goals, but her capabilities and personality too.


When Mansa applied for Duke University, she had to write an essay which asked – “Write 25 Interesting Facts about you”. Among a lot of other things, she wrote about her love for numbers and data.


The essay not only focussed on her long term and short term goals, but her capabilities and personality too.



“I also wrote about playing Sudoku and doing mental math with car registration numbers whenever I was on the road.” she says. During this process, she realized that the essays need to reflect “the whole you” and the story needs to mark ‘your’ journey and answer why ‘you’ need to be part of this program more than anybody else.


When Mansha Sharma started her coaching at CrackVerbal, she realised two very important facts:

1. She must re-take the GMAT in order to prove that she is beyond average.

2. She had to be genuine, to what she wants, and what she would have to do to achieve it.


Here’s what Mansha had to say at CrackVerbal MBA SUmmit 2017:


“Essays are really important as they reflect who you are and what you can do. CrackVerbal helped me in forging an essay that spoke about my experience.” says Mansha.



The first thing was that she had to re-take her GMAT in order to prove that she was beyond average.


Mansha urges everyone to be optimistic. She was rejected by four top B-schools but she persevered and finally got through.



“There will be a lot of rejects, but don’t bother yourself with that because the most important thing is to get into the process.” she recalls Arun telling her.


Mansha got admits from Emory, Kenan–Flagler and Virginia Darden. She also got an 80% scholarship from Darden.


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