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  • You submit all the final essay drafts of a particular application to us.

  • A professional writer/mentor is assigned to you.

  • The mentor will focus on structuring and grammatical aspects of your essay.

  • The mentor goes through the drafts, structuring the content so that an impressive essay is build around your profile focusing on an introduction, main story and conclusion.

  • The mentor ensures there are no grammatical errors and the essay is communicating your story in the best possible way without exceeding the word limit.

  • The final ready to submit essay is shared with you.


  • You should submit the final draft of all the essays of an application together in a single word file.

  • Each essay should be preceded with the essay topic and the prescribed word count. The drafts should be within 20% margin of the specified word count. If your word count goes beyond the 20% margin, please connect with us as we may need to look into the strategy and story used and suggest you look into a full MBA application service.

  • As part of the Essay polish service, we are not looking into your strategy. Thus there is no call review involved.

  • The turn around time for the service is 3-4 working days.

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