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An admit to HEC Paris with 710 on the GMAT

Posted on December 04, 2015
Aditya Pandanada

In conversation with Aditya who scored a 710 on the GMAT and secured an MBA admit to HEC Paris!


What’s your motivation behind and MBA?


Basically it’s about career progression and global exposure. My work as a commodity trader would be best abroad. Also it is difficult to make this move without an MBA. Hence, my MBA is a ticket to carry on my career in commodity trading abroad.


Tell us about yourself!


I’m a computer engineer and was in the IT field for 2.5 year.  Later I moved to commodity trading and have been working in this field since 4.5 years. As a commodity trader, we buy products from farmers and traders in India and export it out of the country. I also manage small plantations in Coorg and an organic business where we grow vegetables and fruits.


What was your GMAT Mantra?


To be honest I really didn’t know whether I was going to pursue an MBA when I came to attend an intro class at CrackVerbal. But, then a month into the course my perspective about an MBA completely changed.


Preparing for the GMAT was tough especially for a person like me who had lost touch with studying for almost 7 years. According to me, you need to study for the GMAT some 2-3 hours everyday rather than 7 hours over the weekend.


The CrackVerbal classes provide most of the theory and strategy required to prepare for the GMAT. It is important to complete the syllabus on time and then start practicing with the question bank that CrackVerbal provides.


How did you go about your Application Process?


I came to CrackVerbal because they structured my application process very well.  I started my GMAT preparation in April and my first round of deadlines were in October.


I was confused when it came to selecting B-schools but CrackVerbal helped me select and apply to the B-schools that were best suited for me based on my work experience and profile. They also put me in touch with alumni from my target B-schools which helped me prepare for my applications.


These interactions with CrackVerbal consultants and Alumnus helped me understand what exactly B-schools expect from their applicants. I continued doing my research on B-schools while I prepared for the GMAT!


What all schools did you apply to?


Round 1 – LBS, Duke, McCombs


Round 2 – HEC, Kellogg, Ross, Darden


Round 3 – INSEAD


I got an admit from HEC Paris and I am also waitlisted at McCombs and INSEAD.


What made you stand out in HEC Paris?


HEC Paris had a lot of essay questions that allowed me to express my personality and work experience from different perspectives. I was also able to showcase my cultural diversity through my professional interactions with international clients. So, I believe my essays were the main reason that helped me stand out in the application pool.


Do you feel international experience is important?


Yes, Definitely! It plays a very important role in your admit to a B-School., If you don’t come out  from a tier-1 college in India like the IITs it might be hard for you to secure an admit.


But if you come from a very diverse background or have some international exposure, it enhances your chances of an admit.


How are you financing your MBA?


I would be taking a loan to finance my MBA. Also, after doing some research I realized that an MBA outside the US hold equal importance and costs much lesser than studying in the US.


Also, the chances of getting a scholarship are also much higher when compared to a US B-School. I am sure to get the benefit of a great ROI from my MBA


How did CrackVerbal help you?


You can never come up with a better GMAT coaching institute than CrackVerbal. I availed both their GMAT and Application Services. They constantly supported me through my GMAT prep and applications.


Their classes served a great purpose by helping me score a 710 on the GMAT. I owe it to CrackVerbal for my MBA admit. They constantly motivated me through my entire MBA/ GMAT journey. Whenever I had any doubts I would post my queries on the forum and the Prep team at CrackVerbal would immediately help me with solutions..


Any Words of wisdom for our aspirants:

1.Ensure that you know which B-schools to apply to.
2.Finish the CrackVerbal Material and then solve their question bank
3.Have clarity of thought about your post MBA goals.
4.It’s not only about the essays but also have an impressive one-page resume.
5.Ensure that you recreate the exact scenario of the GMAT exam during your mocks.
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