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An ISB Admit with 730 on the GMAT!

Posted on March 02, 2016
joydeep das

In conversation with Joydeep Das who speaks about his journey to ISB with a 730 on the GMAT!


The journey begins….tell us a little about yourself!


I graduated from VIT in 2010 and have been in the automotive domain ever since. In the past, I’ve worked with Robert Bosch and am currently with Geometric Ltd. as a consultant for Volvo. Later, I changed my role from being a tester to a developer. I took my GMAT in August 2013 and scored a 730 (40V and 50Q).


So, Why CrackVerbal?


Before I took my GMAT, some of my friends suggested that I take the diagnostic test. I did reasonably well in Quant but the Verbal was in complete disarray. So, I looked up some coaching institutes in Bangalore and CrackVerbal is pretty famous online. I attended their demo class on Critical Reasoning and decided to join the course immediately.


How was your experience at CrackVerbal?


I learned a lot from CrackVerbal. I had attended classes taught by Pradyot, Arun and Suresh. The main thing I noticed was that their approach to Verbal was excellent! There are many things you need to know about Verbal which would take you a long time to understand – but I got all of these in a basket from CrackVerbal. As Arun says, “GMAT is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. It’s about pattern.” You realize this much later after hours and hours of practice.


What schools did you apply to?


I applied to ISB in 2013. Since, I had not done my research properly, I was not clear about my post-MBA goals or the industry until the time of my application. This clearly reflected in my interview. Hence, I couldn’t make the cut.


Tell us about your journey from being a student to a teacher at CrackVerbal?


In 2014, I had a lot of time to think and work on my areas of improvement. CrackVerbal came rather as a surprise. I heard they were hiring and so I approached them for the role of a Quant Instructor. My credentials seemed right for the job and if given a chance, I would definitely teach again. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching at CrackVerbal, where the focus is on teaching GMAT-oriented math rather than just math.


What changes came into your application for the 2014 intake?


Although I never availed application services of any sort, being a faculty at CrackVerbal gave me a different perspective towards writing my application. With their help I managed to land another interview at ISB in 2014 🙂


The main change in 2014 from the previous year was that I put the ‘Me’ factor into my application. The factor that made this interview different was that after teaching I had learned to interact, empathize and understand people on a much higher level. This role at CrackVerbal helped me underscore that one factor which in turn made me stand out. Since my post MBA goal was to land a role in Product Management, having this enhanced ability to connect with a variety of people made a lot of difference.


What wisdom would you impart to all MBA aspirants out there?


The B-schools want to know you as a person in the interview. If you’re pointing out things already mentioned on your resume, you’re not making the best use of your interview, since you only get one chance to show your school what type of a person you are. Clarity on Post MBA goals is also something to be looked into. Advice for people shifting domains, please have a good story to state your move. Straighten these things out and you’re good to go! 🙂

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