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Getting into INSEAD – Anudeep Pandem

Posted on July 25, 2017

Anudeep Pandem from Andhra Pradesh got an admit into INSEAD in the year 2017. Here is his story:


Anudeep Pandem finished his graduation in New Zealand and decided to come back to his family in India. He joined his family business, in the manufacture of handlooms and sarees. However, in two years, Anudeep realized that he wanted to do something different, something on his own.


In 2014, he packed his bags and moved to Dubai. Anudeep started his own trading company in Dubai which involved building infrastructure, and trade. After working in Dubai for a couple of years, he decided to write the GMAT. In 2016, He started his journey with a GMAT score of 520. After his first score, Anudeep asked himself the following questions:


‘Why do I need an MBA?’


 ‘Do I really have to write GMAT?’?


He knew that he needed answers to these questions before he could proceed.


He flew from Dubai to Bangalore and joined CrackVerbal in 2016. Over the course of the next six months, Anudeep’s determination, coupled with his CrackVerbal mentor’s guidance, helped him inch slowly towards a GMAT score of 700. By then, he had taken the GMAT five times.


In parallel, Anudeep did his research on B-schools. “Start your research as early as possible” is Anudeep’s advice.



“Doing your research for the B-school that will best suit your requirement is the first thing to do. Make sure you know why you want to get into a particular institution, and what you can do for that institution. You need to gather all the relevant information,  and narrow down your choices. Aiming for five schools is ideal.”


With the help of CrackVerbal, Anudeep sat down with top mentors and began his research.


The next process was the submission of the application form. Anudeep encountered several challenges at this stage.


When he started his essays, the first draft Anudeep wrote had around 500 words. With the help of CrackVerbal, he wrote 11 to 12 drafts for each of the five colleges he applied to. He got a rejection letter from Columbia, but was selected by Oxford and INSEAD.


“It’s hard work, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it,” says Anudeep.


Here is the video of Anudeep talking about his experience, at the CrackVerbal MBA Summit 2017:



During the selection process, Anudeep had to think of new ideas to convince the admission committee on why he should be selected. He shared how he had made mistakes in his family business in the early days after graduation. He illustrated how he overcame challenges he faced when he took his family business to South Africa, and how he learnt from his mistakes.


When he took his family business to South Africa, there too he had faced many challenges. He showcased the lessons he had learnt from his mistakes.


Anudeep had experience working in different geographies, and wanted to focus on networking and career growth. He was selected for the one year program in INSEAD.


The INSEAD admission committee put him in touch with senior alums, confirming his belief that he had made the correct decision. 

“I have met a lot of interesting people who told me what an MBA is…and how it can help me. The experience and the people have really inspired me.”


When asked if extracurricular activities play an important role in the application process, Anudeep says, “A wide range of extracurricular activities will help you in the application stage.  


Anudeep is currently working on earning his pilot license.


Anudeep also received reference letters from colleagues with whom he had worked in Dubai and South Africa, which helped him in the application process.


We hope you found this blog useful.

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