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Swati Kathuriya

Swati Kathuriya | Said Business School, Oxford

CrackVerbal helped me frame my ideas and sentences in such a beautiful manner that they attached a different value to my overall MBA application. We may not be writers, we may not know how to present our ideas in the right format, and that’s where CrackVerbal comes in. I converted MBA admits to two schools - Kelley and Oxford and decided to go ahead with my MBA at Oxford.

Vishnu Nair

Vishnu Nair | Cornell University

CrackVerbal helped me realize that there was a special structure for each college in terms of problem, action and results. In my engagement with CrackVerbal, there were 5-6 iterations of the essays, but by the end of it I was sure that my essay was really decent.

subhankar das - MIT SDM

Subhankar Das | MIT Sloan School of Management

10 years after college I felt I wanted to do an MBA & came to CrackVerbal for guidance. Not only did they help me score high on the GMAT, I also came back to them for applications! Their team helped me a lot, telling me exactly which courses were good for my profile. They train you for the complete application process and not just leave it at consulting for one particular course. My essays were not just looked at for correct grammar, but they would keep thinking & reviewing the stories with me & help bring different angles to make them shine out even more! From my GMAT to my MIT admit, CrackVerbal was always there. Thanks a ton! Read about how Subhankar bagged an MIT admit here. Follow Subhankar on LinkedIn.

kaushal vyas - SAID - OXFORD

Kaushal Vyas | Said School of Business, Oxford

I found CrackVerbal's insights into my essays to be very valuable. I wasn't able to analyze my essays from the point of view of someone on the other side of the table. Thankfully, CV provided me with this very kind of feedback. Moreover, they have a very good understanding of what different b-schools around the world expect from the incoming candidates. Each school is looking for a candidate with the ‘right-fit’. CrackVerbal was able to tell whether my essays were conveying enough about my being the ‘right-fit’. The feedback was extremely honest and precise. I can say that getting my essays reviewed by them was instrumental in strengthening my application and, eventually, in being shortlisted for the interview!  Follow Kaushal on LinkedIn.

Rituparna Srinivas| Indian School of Business

I had an association of 2 years with CrackVerbal. I had continuous help from them right from the brainstorming session where they figured out what the different strengths were that I could highlight to the weaknesses I could improve on. They always had a very good schedule about how my essays and resumes could be presented better. Their pro-activity really impressed me. Read all about Rituparna's journey here.Follow Rituparna on LinkedIn.


Niladri Chakraborty | UNC Kenan-Flagler

CrackVerbal taught me how to talk to someone who is not from my background. I think it’s easy for us to get carried away and sprinkle our essays with technical jargon, but it won’t help in telling your story to the panel. This was a major eye opener. CrackVerbal helped me acquire admit to multiple schools: UNC Kenan-Flagler, Cornell Johnson & Simon Rochester. I decided to accept UNC’s offer that came with a $90,000 scholarship. Read all about Niladri's MBA journey here. Follow Niladri on LinkedIn.


Samvit Roy | Schulich School of Buisness

The best part about working with CrackVerbal’s applications team was that I was made to write my own essays and though the first draft and the final draft had the same substance, the final draft was amazing compared to the first one. It was a really great experience. Read about Samvit's MBA journey. Follow Samvit on LinkedIn.


Aneesur Rehman | Smith School of Business

The Admission MBA workshop by CrackVerbal was very insightful and gave me some direction to my application process. I availed CrackVerbal’s application services, and the expert advice on my essays along with the mock interview prep with Jaideep helped me produce great essays for my MBA applications. I also bagged a USD 40k scholarship for my MBA! Read about Aneesur's MBA journey here. Follow Aneesur on LinkedIn.

swetha vasu - UNC Kenan Flagler

Swetha Vasu | UNC Kenan-Flagler

I happened to attend CrackVerbal’s essay writing workshop and by the end of it, knew I wanted their help. Today, with admits from 5 schools - UNC Kenan Flagler, Tepper, McCombs, Georgetown and IE Business school,  I’m glad I made that decision. They were detail-oriented, insightful and flexible! Read more about Swetha's B-school journey here. Follow Swetha on LinkedIn.

amiya kumar

Amiya Kumar | Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

The Admissions consultants at CrackVerbal worked very closely with me. They helped me delve deep into my reasons for doing an MBA, my short term goals, my personality, professional achievements and my over-all expectations. This initial brainstorming helped me discover my interest towards politics, social research and also gave me some thought direction for writing my essays. I was able to give a definite structure to my essays and also CrackVerbal puts every candidate in touch with an external consultant who is an alumnus of the concerned B-school. In this way you also understand the expectations of the B-school when they evaluate your profile. Read about Amiya's   MBA journey. Follow Amiya on LinkedIn.

akshay phadke

Akshay Phadke | Boston University

I worked with CrackVerbal on my applications for Kenan Flager and Fuqua School of Business. The Admission Consultants at CrackVerbal helped me create some great stories that I could showcase on my MBA applications. After working on two schools with CrackVerbal, I understood the structure of approaching a B-school application. This made it very easy to craft my application to Boston University. So, yes the constructive feedback from CrackVerbal on my previous applications helped me replicate it on my application to Boston University. Read about Akshay's MBA journey. Follow Akshay on LinkedIn.

Ishan Saxena | Indian School of Business

As soon as the application process started, things spanned out very well and I had better clarity towards my goals for my application. I knew I was going in the right direction. The brain-storming sessions with CrackVerbal were critical in the whole application process.

Gautham Muthukumar - ISB

Gautham Muthukumar | Indian School of Business

CrackVerbal has amazing coaches. Their classes are not only filled with English fundas, but also with some very cool strategies for GMAT. Applying his strategies guarantees an increase in the GMAT score. CrackVerbal’s admission workshop is an eye opener for anyone who has no clue about MBA admission process. Read about Gautham's MBA journey. Follow Gautham on LinkedIn.

Avinash Satish | Indian School of Business

CrackVerbal helped me articulate my thoughts better and shape up my essays well. I worked with Arun and Vasudha, and they both did go out of the way to help me with my applications. Arun connected me to people in his network, and I could have very useful conversations regarding the choice of schools and interviews. Vasudha and I worked over-time to make sure I had my essays out within deadline dates! Follow Avinash on LinkedIn.

Sachin Sharma| Indian School of Business

The qualitative help from CrackVerbal during applications helped get my story in place to create the most impact. CrackVerbal can guide you to the right approach and help streamline your application in the right direction. Follow Sachin on LinkedIn.

Saurabh Gupta - ISB

Saurabh Gupta | Indian School of Business

They were very understanding and went out of their way to help me in my MBA journey – right from GMAT prep till my Indian School of Business interview. The faculty and the admission counselors are of very high quality and they understand the Indian applicant well. I availed their services for GMAT Verbal Prep, essay writing, and interview prep. Read about Saurabh's MBA journey. Follow Saurabh on LinkedIn.

Suchith Majumdar| Indian School of Business

CrackVerbal is something that I would say given me a lot of motivation and has added value to my entire MBA experience as well. They have helped me in every way right from the GMAT prep to the MBA thought process. Their videos and posts, those useful bits of information that they give you, have benefited me in a lot of ways. It has given me a new perspective altogether. Regardless of whether you are a student or not, I would say you should definitely follow them because the gyaan that they give you is priceless. You cannot find it in a book or anywhere. It's a knowledge bomb. They are very dedicated when it comes to students. Their interview prep was also something that helped me in a great way. After my mock interview, they helped me break down my interview to its granular parts. They made me understand that everything you say needs to be backed up and reinforced so that when you talk, you gleam with confidence. I felt this was a real eye opener that helped me crack the admit to ISB. Follow Suchith on LinkedIn.

Shailika ISB

Shailika Reddy | Indian School of Business

CrackVerbal  Mentors helped me articulate my stories and give structure to my essays. This made all the difference to my ISB application! I would definitely recommend working with CrackVerbal for your MBA applications! Follow Shailika on LinkedIn.

Sudeepta Sahu | Indian School of Business

I had already penned down my story but I needed help in sending the message across clearly. Limiting it to 200 words was a challenge. It was a gamble between content and conditions. I had a lot of stories to tell in my essays, but found it difficult to structure it in such a way that only the key messages stood out. CrackVerbal helped me with that. They helped me put the key messages for my essay in place to present it in the best possible manner.

Siddharth Shukla | Indian School of Business

When it came to applications, CrackVerbal helped me realise what I needed to portray in my essay, rather than just writing the essay for me. It was like more of a self-awakening thing. The approach by CrackVerbal was impressive. Their opinions truly mattered and they made sure I got everything done on time.

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