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Part-Time MBA at the Leavey School of Business

Posted on January 17, 2014
Leavey Business School

In conversation with Deepak Muralidharan who bagged an admit to the Leavey School of Business’ Part-Time MBA Program.


We spoke with him to find out what got him interested in the program and how he went about his application process. Read on to know the entire story! 🙂


Thanks for taking out the time to speak with us about your part-time MBA journey! Can you take me through your profile? 🙂

I pursued my undergrad from Anna University, post which I opted for a Masters in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University. I then began my career with a role at Manhattan Associates in Atlanta, where I spent 4 years.

How did you go about preparing for your GMAT the first time around?

I studied on my own and I was under the assumption that the Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning sections were something I could handle, but unfortunately I didn’t get a high score.
I recall one of Arun’s classes where he spoke of Reading Comprehension and how people presume one’s performance is attributed to luck, but actually there is a strategy and a method involved. I can’t tell you how right he was about that.

When did you give your GMAT for the second time and how did you go about it?

I gave my second GMAT a few months back. I heard of CrackVerbal and joined the GMAT classes. I now have an admit to the Leavey School of Business’ part-time MBA program.

Congratulations! Were you in the US the whole time while you attended our course?

Yes, I was. I attended CrackVerbal’s Live Online Classes which was really good, the concepts were great. CrackVerbal put in a lot of time and had a very detailed curriculum. I never felt the lack of a classroom or an instructor in front of me. It proceeded like any other class where I would get my doubts cleared and work on my prep – the interaction was great! This really helped me with my GMAT prep and helped boost my score.

How did you go about the MBA application process post your GMAT?

I applied to just one program – a part time MBA. Since I’m managing a family back home, spending on an MBA at Haas or one of the top schools was out of the question.
I filled out the forms myself, however for the essay, I again worked with CrackVerbal. It was amazing how my raw essay was transformed after just a few reviews! 🙂

What else does a part-time MBA application require?

In addition to the essay and the forms it also requires recommendations, which I got from my managers. You also need to submit your transcripts from your undergrad.

Was there anything else that prompted you to take up a part-time MBA?

One big reason is the Visa, I would have to go from a work visa to a student visa which is a complicated process.
The other aspect being that I’m interested in using my experience and I’m inclined to the Product Management domain which will allow me to do that. While I do my MBA I can apply my experience as well as study it.
Of course the fee was the biggest deciding factor. The MBA I have opted for is a well renowned one and is ranked 11th for the part-time MBA program. It also has a lot of good alumni from Apple and many more associated with its program.

How long is the part-time program for?

We are allowed 6 years to finish the MBA, with breaks. Without breaks one can finish it within 3 years. The program will be quite hectic and we have classes twice a week which will go on late into the night. Then of course we will have assignments to manage as well! I’m sure it’s going to be crazy. I’ll probably be excited in the first year, the second and third years will probably leave me frustrated with the schedule. 🙂

Would you need to do an internship as well?

The part-time MBA allows you to go on international visits and plan an off-site which will aid your studies in the form of case studies. This will give you international exposure.

Your company must be quite supportive of you!

Yes my manager is very supportive. My manager has always encouraged me to study and pursue an MBA. The company offers around $5000 a year as well to support your academics pursuits. Of course it depends on the manager and how you communicate your needs.

How is the part-time MBA viewed in comparison to the full-time one?

There are no draw-backs to a part-time MBA except that employers mostly don’t hire part-time MBA candidates. It’s more oriented towards internal growth within your current company. It’s not viewed as sub-par, so I’m sure it will work in my favour.

What are your future plans after a part-time MBA?

The Leavey School of Business has a specialization in Entrepreneurship. They have mentors and a network that will help you work on your idea and make it marketable. I would love to be able to work on an idea and start a company – that is my long term goal.

Any plans of returning to India? 🙂

Yes, eventually I will return to India as my parents want me back too. Being the only son, they would rather have me in India. If I get a scholarship for the part-time MBA, I won’t have to worry about the loan and I can return sooner. Otherwise I will need to stay back for awhile longer.

How come you never considered an MBA program in India?

The part-time MBA was my sole goal. I hadn’t considered an Indian MBA because those programs would require more work experience. I would rather work and study since I’m from a family with a humble background and earning while I pursue the program would be more feasible.

What was your overall experience like with CrackVerbal?

CrackVerbal taught me all the important concepts which are necessary to get past the exam. The last few weeks before my GMAT, I spent practicing all the concepts that was taught to me and it really helped me get through my test! Especially with RC, the methods and strategies really helped me get a good understanding of the topic and it really boosted my score.
It was a really good experience, I even recommended CrackVerbal to my friends. It would in fact be great if you had a branch here in America. A lot of people here need coaching as well and there is a misconception that if one’s mother tongue is English, one would be great at grammar, that’s not true as I have spotted a lot of grammatical errors in emails and communication!
I also feel CrackVerbal provides high quality admission consulting for a lower price. If I were to compare your prices and services to the services in the U.S., you are way better than them. Even for the essay services, the U.S. companies charge exorbitant amounts but CrackVerbal really transforms your essay into something great for far less!
I had a lot of personal setbacks and hurdles as well, so I somehow motivated myself and stayed focused while I studied with CrackVerbal. For me, it’s a really big leap because of these personal issues; I truly owe it to the entire team at CrackVerbal that helped me with my English and the GMAT!

How did you manage to stay motivated?

Honestly speaking I’m not sure how I did it, but I guess I it was attributed to me staying focused. I didn’t let my mind get deviated to other things. I would wake up each morning at 5 a.m. and study. I also joined the toastmasters club here which taught me new things and then I worked at getting my company to start one as well.
That’s great!
Thank you so much for speaking with us Deepak and for sharing your experience with us! We wish you all the very best for your future endeavors! 🙂
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